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Warmies Warm Hug Puppy

Warmies Warm Hug Puppy

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Warmies® Warm Hugs are TWO cute not to LOVE (pun intended!). With arms that wrap around each other and attach with velcro, these loveable duos can also be mixed and matched to other Warmies® Warm Hugs characters within the collection. Featuring fun new animals, as well as tried-and-tested top sellers, Warmies® Warm Hugs have become a customer cult favourite!

• Includes two weighted plush creatures with adjoining velcro grips!
• Creates a calming and positive sensory experience for all ages!
• Can be heated or cooled for use all-year-round!
• Filled with tourmaline to help relieve stress and increase circulation!
• Great gift idea for any member of the family!
• Size: 16 x 12 x 19cm
• A soothing, warm puppy duo filled with tourmaline beads and featuring closable velcro hands. Warm in microwave or chill in freezer. Suitable for ages 0+

    • Warm for up to 30 seconds (600-800W) or 20 seconds (850-1000W) in the microwave. Only reheat from room temperature.
    • Chill in a freezer for cooling relief

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