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Cute As A Button Heart

Cute As A Button Heart

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A gorgeously fun heart for anyone that you think is 'CUTE AS A BUTTON! ' A soft white sculpted heart with a black crackle glaze adorned with a mixture of handmade and wooden buttons creates a heart that is as individual and unique as the human being you are celebrating ! Hearts across the world symbolise love, joy, unity and compassion. This is the perfect gift for a new baby, christenings, baptisms ,weddings, engagements and births ! or for no reason but ' i think you are cute! ' 

160x160mm and about 60mm in depth. It sits flat on the wall, strung on the back with wire. All work is handmade in Raglan ,so each piece is unique. A little piece of ceramicy goodness. Crafted from NZ clay in a little west coast studio

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