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S+C Wilton Embroidered Pillowcase

S+C Wilton Embroidered Pillowcase

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Rest your head on a pillow of positivity. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement sometimes, and we’re big believers in filling your home with kindness and meaning. 

“This set of two pillows bears a kind-hearted message of self-love, embroidered by hand for an artisanal, heirloom feel. Ruffle edging adds a touch of texture and vintage-inspired charm, perfectly complementing more understated linen sets.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

• Luxe European linen brings breathability and softness for the ultimate night’s sleep
• Hand-embroidered message of self-love for an artisanal feel 
• Ruffle edges add texture and charm
• Back opening to avoid untidy slippage and exposed pillows
• Measures 73 x 50cm (standard) / 90 x 50cm (king)
• Made from 100% European flax linen

Please refer to our Linen Care page for information on how to keep your linen feeling its best and most luxurious.

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