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S+C Kimberley Cotton Pillowcase

S+C Kimberley Cotton Pillowcase

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Rustic, patchwork-inspired prints add an inviting and homey touch to the place where you’re the cosiest. Crafted from luxe cotton, our pillowcases are luxuriously soft for the dreamiest night’s sleep.

“Mix-and-match design is at the heart of Sage x Clare. Perfect on its own or with contrasting pieces, this pillowcase draws on time-honoured patchwork as inspiration. It features a printed design that clashes colour and print in a charming, nostalgic way.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

• Luxe cotton brings breathability and softness for a dreamy sleep
• Back opening to avoid untidy slippage and exposed pillows
• Measures 73 x 50cm
• Made from 100% cotton

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