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Miffy Original Star Light Lamp

Miffy Original Star Light Lamp

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25 (w) x 50 (h) x 25 (d)

6 brightness settings incl. nightmode

Two year warranty and lifetime service

This is our classic medium sized Miffy lamp, 50 centimeters tall. She brings design to kidsrooms and the enjoyment of nostalgia to adults.

Use the touch dimmer button located on the power cable to choose one of the 6 brightness settings. Miffy is a companion and a mood light, illuminating a cozy corner for an evening in. The last brightness setting, the nightmode, is an extremely soft glow that you can leave on for the night.  

Miffy is a familiar and often calming visual for many. This year she's celebrating an impressive 65th anniversary, proving her status as a timeless design. Does this universally beloved character match your home?


  • An item to highlight the beauty of simplicity
  • A reflection of the world of arts
  • Part of our Miffy and Friends collection 
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