Collection: WHEELY BUG

We are the Australian designers of the multi award winning Wheely Bug™
They are very safe and user friendly for children at the cusp of walking to post toddler.
The bright and friendly designs are an instant attraction to both girls and boys alike.
They go backwards, forwards, sideways, and round and round.
Wheely Bugs promote gross motor skills from which all higher learning evolves.
The bodies are padded and covered with a tough layer of
polyurethane leatheroid that can be easily wiped clean.
The base is made from sustainably sourced, plantation grown Poplar plywood
and has safe ergonomic rounded contours.
The "feelers" which wobble and delight are made with stainless steel
spring and have an internal limiter cord to prevent pull out.
The handle is aluminum so it won't rust... all in all Wheely
Bugs are constructed for years of fun.